The forums are the lifeblood of the community. Post questions, get answers or just come hang out!

Chat with us on IRC!

The Loom SDK Development team and community also hang out in the #loomengine room on Freenode IRC.


LoomCasts is free video content about the Loom SDK, as well as frequent Q&A sessions with the Loom SDK Development team, called Loom Hangouts.


The Loom SDK Development team develops in the open, follow them on GitHub.


The Loom SDK has a growing library of documentation, examples, and guides. Check them out on our docs page. Best of all, you can fork it and submit pull requests with your own additions!

Feature Requests

Loom Turbo users have the ability to vote on Feature Requests. The Loom SDK Development team look at this list when planning what to do next.


Check out our Community driven Wiki, and add your own content.

Submit a Support Request

Send us an email at and we will help you out.